Styl strony – Duena – Licencja

Styl strony – Duena – Licencja
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Theme Name: kursprogramowania based on Duena
Author: kurs programowania (non-profit team) based on Duena Studio
License: GNU General Public License v3 or later
License URI:
Text Domain: duena
Duena WordPress theme, Copyright (C) 2013 Duena Studio and kurs programowania (non-profit team)
Duena WordPress theme is licensed under the GPL.

The Duena theme licensed under GPL3. See license.txt for further details.
The resources used in Duena theme are all GPL-compatible:
Twitter Boostrap is licensed under Apache License v2.0
Font Awesome is licensed under SIL Open Font License for font and MIT for CSS.
jQuery FlexSlider v2.1 is licensed under Apache License v2.0
Superfish v1.4.8 is dual licensed under the MIT and GPL licenses
Options Framework is licensed under GPLv2 license
Other icons and images are created by Duena Studio and licensed under GPL.

Click here to download style under GPL licence/Kliknij tutaj aby pobrać styl zgodnie z GPL